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Vinny Del Negro? Hold back the anger...

Posted on: June 10, 2008 11:55 pm
When I first heard the Bulls were going to hire Vinny Del Negro as their next head coach, I almost flipped. Heck, they already dragged the search on so far that I figured Tom Thibodeau might as well get a shot at an interview. At least he has experience on the bench, which is a place that will be new for Del Negro next season.

However, as the day went on, I started to think about it more and more. Now, the hiring doesn't look all that bad.

After Mike D'Antoni spurned the Bulls and signed with the Knicks on May 10th, any hire John Paxson made would have been viewed as less than stellar. D'Antoni and the young, athletic Bulls squad seemed like the perfect match for D'Antoni's "run happy offense." Players such as Ben Gordon showed their approval in having the former Suns coach.

After D'Antoni was off the market, who was left? Doug Collins? Collins might have been a good hire, but if he was having second thoughts about the job, maybe it is good that he just enjoys his retirement.

Avery Johnson? On paper, he is definitely a good coach, but when you have Dirk Nowitszki, who is one of the league's most dominant forwards, it's hard not to falter. The problem is that he did falter towards the end of his stay with the Mavericks.

Dwane Casey? All he has over Del Negro is bench experience. His sub .500 coaching record with the Timberwolves and lack of motivation with young players and an always energized Kevin Garnett cost him a chance to save this young Bulls team craving motivation.

So Del Negro might not be the greatest option, but it is certainly not as bad as you might think. Former NBA guard and current ESPN analyst Tim Legler thinks that Del Negro's brain and intensity might be a good match with this team. Also, close friend and PTI co-host Michael Wilbon says that Del Negro favors an offense that is similar to the one D'Antoni had in Phoenix.

That's a positive right?

As far as him having no coaching experience, that can all be fixed if he puts together a staff of prominent assistant coaches. The Chicago Tribune reports that he is expected to bring former Spurs and Sonics coach Bob Hill on as his head assistant coach.

Who knows, this move could be great, or it could be a complete bust. However, Bulls fans need to reserve their judgment and wait to see the results that some from the hire.

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Posted on: December 8, 2008 8:25 pm

Vinny Del Negro? Hold back the anger...

Tough to respond to this one because my thoughts are bouncing around like Tyrus Thomas after an alley-oop but I'll give it a try. First I agree that any assessment of Vinny should wait until he gets a chance to establish his coaching style and figure out how best to utilize this roster. He could very well end up being a decent coach because even though he has no experience on the bench he has been around the game ever since his retirement, so enough basketball people must respect his mind for the game. The idea of bringing in an offense similar to what D'Antoni ran in Phoenix would be entertaining to watch but I can't ignore the fact that Phoenix could never even make it to the Finals let alone win a championship. I still believe that defense wins championships so I was not a member of the D'Antoni fan club when it came time to look for a new head coach last summer. I fully expect the Knicks to become a fixture in the playoffs under the new system but would be surprised to see them win the East with Mike calling the shots. That being said there was hardly a good candidate for head coach and the thought of Doug Collins was not particularly exciting. The fact that Dwayne Casey was even on the shortlist made me extremely nervous. By the end of the search I was actually rooting for Tom Thibodeau because none of the coaches brought in for interviews intrigued me. Therefore my main issue throughout this entire process is the failure of Paxson to have any sort of plan in place when Skiles departed. People have questioned whether Scott was outright fired of if he quit on this team and although I love Skiles I do believe it was the later, but with the group of players we have on this team I can't blame him. Half of the players Paxson has assembled on this team of misfits will never contribute to a winning NBA franchise. Tyrus Thomas is fast becoming a glaring bust in the draft and even guys like Thabo Sefolosha and Joakim Noah bring very little to the table. Throw in an undersized shooting guard who can't dribble, pass, or defend along with a small forward who will continue to flash signs of potential without ever actually busting out and you have a sorry excuse for an NBA team. Therefore even in a league dominated by players rather than coaches Paxson should have stuck by the man who brought his team out of the cellar and into the second round of the playoffs, instead of the players who complained about having to play on both ends of the court and squabbled over contract extensions. If Skile’s message was wearing thin on this group that should have been a sign to the organization that we didn’t have players committed to winning by playing team basketball. That’s all Skiles demanded of them but since they can’t handle it and Paxson doesn’t want to admit his failures in the draft we are stuck with this group for the foreseeable future and an inexperienced coach who will have a better shot at pulling a rabbit out of a hat than winning a playoff series in his first go round as a head coach.

Great blog by the way, always enjoy reading what you have to say about Chicago sports.

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 9:48 pm

Vinny Del Negro? Hold back the anger...

i was against firing Scott Skilles because he had many good seasons with the bulls and then Paxson lets him go for having a sh*t team with a sh*t chemistry.  Then the interim head coach was pretty good we should have resigned him as an assistant.  Avery Johnson turns good point guards into outstanding point guards, look at devin george and Derrick Rose would become the next Micheal Jordan.  D'Antonio was way too good to let pass if we didnt want avery.  This just goes to show you that Paxson was a good player, but not a good leader

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Posted on: June 12, 2008 1:28 am

Vinny Del Negro? Hold back the anger...

Well I think that Mike D'Antoni, Issiah Thomas, and Larry Brown are all selfish coaches. They are the leaders of the team and wont change thier systems to match the team's personality. I'm happy we got none of them.

Avery Johnson was one of my favorite players. He coached with a little mans attitude. He was hard on his player and the clashed hard.If we signed him, then i believe we would have another scott skiles on our hand.

Vinny Del Negro????? who the hell???? oh wait I think i remember that guy from way back when. Nothing overly flashy as a player. However he played so that is a plus. He was highly regarded amung his peers. Yahoo sports said that. The more i look at this signing the more i love this. A former player that has had success with a team as an assistant. He knows disipline and integrity. Hopefully he can shape up this young team. For Del Negro, this has to be a win win situation.

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